Impact of COVID-19 on Distance Learning

With the beginning of the new academic year, the time has come to pay attention to how students' lives have changed due to the need for distance learning. Some higher education institutions did not dare to resume the usual form of attending lectures with practical exercises and continue to work online. The same universities that took the risk are increasingly sending students to isolation because of confirmed virus diagnoses.

Problems with learning new material

The online learning mode has advantages such as time saving and the ability to connect to the process from anywhere in the world. The student has the ability to follow his or her own schedule and take breaks when he or she needs them, rather than on university schedules. At the same time, one should not forget about its shortcomings. A huge amount of material must now be passed on their own, because teachers do not have much time for lectures. Because of this, there are difficulties with understanding and execution of tasks. Many students resort to the help of cheapest essay writing service to stay in the intensive rhythm of distance learning.

Problems with socialization

Peer approval becomes increasingly important in adolescence, and young people depend on social connections to form their identity. They still want to see their friends and meet new people, which is a hallmark of educational institutions. This becomes increasingly difficult when classes are conducted from a social distance or online. Teenagers take the risk of being rejected very seriously. So if they see someone they respect or admire, ignore social distance or attend parties, they may not dare to go against their opinion. Criticism of another student may result in ignoring the whole group. Social ties increase sustainability. Strong friendships help to survive difficult times such as these. For some students, isolation may seem more intimidating than the virus itself.

Problems with accepting the new reality

Many have an acute desire to return what was before. This is one of the most difficult parts of the pandemic - to reckon with a reality that none of us was ready for. It is very easy to immerse yourself in the memories of how good it was to sit in the audience and discuss the latest series of the popular series with classmates. Unfortunately, the reality of the pandemic crossed out the opportunity to talk live with peers in the changes between pairs. A protest may turn on here. If it can't be the way I want it to be, then let it be nothing at all. The motivation to follow the instructions of teachers will be lost. Many students will look for alternative options for completing written tasks. This has already led to an increase in search queries to buy essay on Western resources and it is possible that this trend will be repeated

Solving this problem


discuss problems with others


Stay in the here and now


Make informed decisions


Monitor your health carefully


Delegate your tasks to specialists


Use services that make your life easier

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